God’s Love For Us

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

As I carried my trash to the curb this morning, I had a very special spiritual experience!! Who knew…God speaks constantly. This spring I have picked up several beautiful leaves. This morning, a vibrant burnished red leaf caught my eyes. As I looked at it, I thought, “This is how God has dropped glistening new friends into my life this year…unexpected gems like that beautiful leaf. As I bent to pick it up, several others grabbed my attention, like many of you have grabbed my heart!! Some had a blemish here and there, like you and I have. The blemishes do not affect my love for you, as our blemishes do not lessen God’s love for us. In fact that is why He sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, to die for us, so that when God looks at us, he sees us glistening in the light of Jesus, having been washed in Jesus’ blood. Thank You, Father, for each of my friends, new and old, near and far. Fill us with Your righteousness as we celebrate the¬†resurrection¬†of our Lord.